Three cheers for American hero James Willie Jones

For anyone not familiar, here is the basis of this post:

“Deputies: Fla. dad threatened kids on bus who teased daughter suffering from cerebral palsy”

Knowing how the cops and school adminstrators don’t work, hoping these things go away and treating them as bottom priorities, this is exactly what the parents of the Seminole County and every other school district should expect. the claim by the sheriff’s office that they should have gotten the complaint can be dismissed out of hand. Investigations like this do not bring in money for the department budget any more than investigating thefts and car burglaries do. Tickets from speed traps make money.

Three cheers for Mr. Jones. Here is the remedy: excrement rolls downhill. Parents and local media should be raising hell over why this situation started and got so far out of control. When/if the prosecutor and school board members see no hope of re-election if Mr. Jones is punished, positive actions will/could happen, including investigation, dismissing, putting the superintendent on notice or a combination from the board, putting the transportation manager on notice from the superintendent, the superintendent firing the driver and the transportation manager along with whover got the complaints from Mr. Jones and failed to act; and most importantly, law enforcement and social services investigating the parents of the abusive kids. Few things will make such parents start paying attention to their kids’ rotten behavior than to have cops come up to them at their places of work or to the door in front of the neighbors and haul them in for questioning.


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